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Bookkeeping, advisory, and controllership services for small businesses.


Eric Maskol

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St Johns, Portland, OR

Eric is a must-have professional for your business. He is patient, kind, thorough, and most importantly has extreme integrity. From the moment I met him I realized he is a special person and I am very grateful to have him in my corner.
— Jonathan Guthridge, Owner, Budget Movers




Bookkeeping is one of the easiest things for a business to outsource. It's also one of the best returns on investment. I work with businesses whose bookkeeping needs have become too complex and time-consuming for a non-professional to handle, but aren't big enough yet to justify a full-time, in-house accounting person. My aim is not just to keep the numbers crunched, but to make sure that my clients have a clear understanding of their business's financial position. I believe that this is absolutely crucial to success - it leads to smarter business decisions, increased profitability, and increased tax savings.




Don't worry if your bookkeeping situation is currently a mess! Transforming an unruly mess into a seamless, streamlined accounting system is one of my specialities. In fact, nearly all of my new clients need some sort of clean up work performed before starting on a monthly package. The beginning of our working relationship is a wonderful opportunity to do a full "efficiency review" of the business's accounting systems. Often we find ways to automate repetitive data entry tasks, freeing up your workforce's time to focus on growing the business. I aim to make sure that everything that should be tracked is tracked, and to make sure that anything that doesn't need to be tracked.... isn't. A bookkeeping system should be as simple as possible, but not simpler. 



A bookkeeper quickly becomes an expert in the finances of the businesses they work with. When that bookkeeper also specializes in financial analysis and strategic planning, it's an enormously powerful combination. I track a variety of financial metrics to monitor your company's financial health and advise you on ways to increase profits. I keep an updated cash flow forecast to predict your company's profits and bank account balances into the future. I can also help you set budgets, and then track your company's progress against those budgets. I also benchmark your company's financial ratios against the competition to see where you may be leaving money on the table.


I’ve been working with Eric for about 5 years now, and everything has been super easy and seamless the whole time! I get my questions answered same day, or within 24-48 hours. My books and reports, monthly and year end, are done on time. I am a happy client.
— Christen Scanlon, Scanlon Fang & Associates
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Need help with your bookkeeping? Let’s talk! I would love to hear all about your business. Bring your Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet, if available, and I’ll weigh in on what I see. If we decide that Pine Ledger is a good fit, we can move on to the next step, Discovery.




In order to get your books into fighting shape, we need to know where things stand. Some businesses need several years worth of bookkeeping catch-up, while others need only a month or two. Some books have been set up and reconciled correctly, while others are riddled with errors. Some companies don’t have accounting software at all but need it set up. The Discovery phase is a top-to-bottom review of your QuickBooks file and bookkeeping processes. Don’t worry if yours are a mess, we’ve see it all! At the end of the Discovery I will present you with a full report explaining the good, the bad, and the ugly, along with a quote for any Set Up / Clean Up / Catch Up work, if needed.



This is where I dive in and get your books set up, cleaned up, and caught up (if needed). When the dust settles you’ll have a polished, accurate bookkeeping system ready to run like clockwork, with a clear picture of your finances. Clean-up work often unearths tax deductions that a business was unaware of. It can also shed light on financial trends that had previously been hidden in inaccurate financial reports, enabling much smarter decision making.



Once the set-up work is finished, your books will be in great shape. That’s when it’s time to move on to a monthly package to make sure they stay that way! There are three monthly packages to choose from, depending on how much you want to take advantage of the insights that your newly polished & professionally maintained financials can provide.

Hiring Pine Ledger has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I didn’t realize how much energy I was spending on bookkeeping until Eric came in like a breath of fresh air and nailed it all down. He’s so patient and helpful in explaining the financial picture, with recommendations that have helped us grow.
— Alexis B, Spa & Salon Consulting
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