This is where I attack the mess, tame it, and reign it in. When the dust settles you’ll have a polished, accurate bookkeeping system ready to run like clockwork, with a clear picture of your finances. Clean-up work often unearths tax deductions that a business was unaware of. It can also can shed light on financial trends that had previously been hidden in inaccurate financial reports, enabling much smarter decision making.

After Discovery is complete, I will present you with a report outlining any clean-up work we recommend performing before starting on a monthly bookkeeping package, along with a quoted clean-up fee. If you choose to engage Pine Ledger's services, the full cost of the Discovery phase will be credited towards the clean-up fee. 

Clean-up work may include:

  • Adjusting the Chart of Accounts for improved reporting
  • Troubleshooting bank connection issues
  • Correcting bookkeeping errors
  • Entering historical transactions.
  • Reconciliations
  • Adjusting Balance Sheet balances